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Internet is a constantly growing source of knowledge and a powerful tool for sharing information. Exchanging and managing the underlying data in a dynamic and efficient manner are among key challenges for the information systems requested nowadays by enterprises, institutions and citizens. Specifically, in order to adjust to dynamic business demands, new, multi-modal service-based concepts and paradigms come to replace the traditional systems and applications. Particularly, on the technical side, the increasing heterogeneity of the systems require introduction of semantic technologies for creating truly networked and meaningful service infrastructures and ecosystems, enabling the stakeholders to dynamically bring their capacities to their full potential.

It is the mission of the Semantic Execution Environment (SEE) unit to create and enable execution environments for the design, dynamic discovery, selection, mediation, invocation and inter-operation of ontology-empowered services. Our solutions comprise design and implementation of Semantic Web Services, as well as components for streamed and static data processing and management, Linked Data based services, mobile and Internet of Things services, services for information management and integration, participatory networked services and interfaces. The solutions are being applied to numerous sectors, including energy efficiency, transport, health, Ambient Assistant Living, security, eCommerce, tourism.

The SEE research unit has a many years history at STI Innsbruck. Previous unit leaders were Dr. Federico Facca and, earlier, Dr. Michal Zaremba. Some of the unit’s past prominent outputs have been implementations of WSMO, namely, WSMX and WSMT.